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All JET training materials are available through the Talent Management Portal:

From the home page of ASMConnects, click Talent Management Portal in the left navigation page,.

From the home page of the Talent Management Portal, type JET in the search field located in the upper right corner

From the results returned, select the desired training course by clicking on the course title.

This provides you with complete course details.

Click the Request button to register or the Close button to return to the previous screen.

Select "My Transcripts" from the Learning menu to view approved courses.


JET Mobile App

How to Download the JET Mobile App

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 If you are experiencing trouble navigating or using JET, review the training videos available through the Talent Management Portal for many helpful tips. See left panel for instructions.

If you are having technical difficulty (such as system error messages, cannot edit a call report, or problems navigating screens), create a help desk request at

or call: (888) 900-4ASM (4276)

ASM IT Support Hours
Monday - Friday
4 am - 5 pm Pacific

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Support Center

Please call: (888) 524-9192

Mon - Fri 7 am - 5 pm Pacific
Sat - 6 am - 5 pm Pacific
Sun - 7 am - 5 pm Pacific

Submit a help desk ticket
Help Desk Category:
EED Event Specialist > JET Support


Sunflower Support

Please call: (888) 638-3568
                     (800) 768-4560


AMS Support

Please call: (888) 900-4276 Option #1

Mon - Fri 4 am - 5 pm Pacific


AMS Job Expectations Supplement

Expense Reporting

To submit expenses for reimbursement, go to the ASM Connects home page and select Concur from System Links in the left navigation pane.

  Icon and color definitions
  Oracle Associate Recent Timecard
  Oracle Associate Timestamp
  Oracle Manager OTL Timecard Approvals
Oracle Manager OTL Timecard Correction
1. Go to:

2. Sign in using your national credentials - this is the same user name and password you use to access ASM Connects. When using a non-ASM computer you must include asm\ before your username.
                   Example ASM computer connected to the ASM Network: jane.smith
                   Example non-ASM computer: asm\jane.smith

3. Click Create a New Request

4. Click the Category link

5. Expand the JET or Payroll menu and select the item that best describes your issue

6. Enter a detailed description including a contact phone number and the best time to reach you

7. Click the Save button. Your request has been created and an ASM associate will be contacting you directly